Wendy was a lifesaver.  I started my own hairdressing business in February 2016 and I was totally focussed on the hairdressing side.  When a few months later my accountant started talking about my accounts and GST I was totally confused.  I had no idea what I was supposed to do.  Wendy came in and organised a system for me. She also realised that as a new business I had been put in the GST system too early.  She wrote a letter for my accountant and that all got sorted.

Now if the paperwork gets out of hand I just give Wendy a call and she comes in and sorts it all out for me.  Fantastic service for small business.

June 2017



Over the last 9 years Wendy has been preparing all my quotes and contracts remotely.  We first met when she was working for, and was later a Director of a building company.  We would often meet on building sites.  During our talks she realised how many jobs I was potentially missing out on because I did not have the time nor the skills to prepare the paperwork.

What takes Wendy an hour to complete, would take me half a day.  No, that is a lie, probably the whole day.  Computers and word processing are not my thing.  In the building industry it is well known that you don’t personally construct something that you are not expert in, you hire the expert because in the long run it not only saves time but money.   My time is better spent on the job site – not at the computer.  So when I have documentation to prepare, I give her a call, outline what I need and she returns it to me via email.

I cannot recommend Wendy’s service highly enough.  She is honest, reliable and highly organised and will value add to your business.

Bakhos ElBayeh
11 July 2017


My web page had errors in it for years.  It had been set up by my brother-in-law.  Either he didn’t want to change it or couldn’t.  So I rang Wendy.  In an hour the incorrect logo had been removed and more current photos put on.  Thank you so much.

Paul – The Handyman Wizard
June 2017